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Butterflies and Ladybirds


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During Summer 1, the children in Year 1 continued with history and learnt all about the developments in transport. They researched different modes of transport using books, learnt about how transport first began and found out about how advancements such as air travel have impacted the way we live today.

They learnt about the Wright Brothers invention and went on to learn about how Amelia Earhart was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean. The children then followed this up in Geography by learning about the different continents and oceans across the world.

Year 1 also learnt about the artist Hundertwasser, experimented with different lines and media and created their own artwork with his work as inspiration.

As part of our Eid celebrations, the children created their own Eid cards, completed fun craft activities and got a visit from the ice-cream man. They were very excited!

Year 1 End of Year Expectations

This leaflet shows the overview of what your child is expected to learn by the end of their current year group. These are the minimum requirements to ensure continued progress through the following years.


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