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Science Curriculum Aim

‘Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world’ - Louis Pasteur

At Forest Park, our science curriculum aims to develop creative, curious and independent scientists who have the knowledge, skills, drive and passion to ‘SPARKLE’ and adapt in an ever-changing world. Our main objective is to create pupils that can question and query their observations of the world around them and develop their own understanding. Within this, we strive to build our science capital through encouraging pupils to challenge stereotypes and educate them about the full range of opportunities open to them and to raise their aspirations for their future.

Learners understand how science is built upon year on year and that key concepts are continually revisited and consolidated.

Forest Park we believe great science learning occurs when:

1. Learning is purposeful, developing an understanding of the world around us and we understand how knowledge and skills are linked to other areas.

2. Children are encouraged to be curious, ask questions, are ‘interested’ to find out more and are’ interesting’ to talk about what we know.

3. Children take an active role in scientific enquiry, discover through hands-on investigations and are independent in making decisions.

4. Key knowledge and vocabulary are revisited regularly to promote long-term learning.

5. Scientific skills are built upon to ensure progression in each stage of learning.

6. New learning is exciting, challenging and builds on existing knowledge to deepen understanding.

7. Children can make connections with what they are learning and real life context deepening their understanding of science, today and for the future.

8. The teaching of science inspires pupils through a range of positive role models to raise future aspirations.

Science progression document