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Buttercups and Clovers


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Summer Term

We have enjoyed getting outside for our ‘Muddy Monday’ sessions! This half term we have made potions, journey cards and nature wands!

Our most recent book of the week ‘The Koala Who Could’, saw the children interested in a koala’s habitat. Following this interest, we started to look into Australia. The children were fascinated by the different animals who lived there and their climates. We explored the Great Barrier Reef, the Rainforest and all the exotic animals. The children enjoyed writing postcards and making masks!

We enjoyed the celebrations of Eid this half term. The children shared some fantastic experiences with their friends and we were fascinated to hear about their traditions. Forest Park celebrated with the children by inviting an ice-cream van as a surprise treat! They were delicious and we had great fun eating them (despite the rain!!)

Reception End of Year Expectations

This leaflet shows the overview of what your child is expected to learn by the end of their current year group. These are the minimum requirements to ensure continued progress through the following years.


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