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Buttercups and Clovers


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Reception have been very busy this half term! At the start, lots of our families were celebrating Eid and we had our Eid party at school with all of our friends. We played party games like pass the parcel and even had a dance too! We had such a good time with our friends.

This half term we have been focusing on life cycles. The children have learnt about the lifecycle of a butterfly, the life cycle of a plant as well as the life cycle of a human and how we grow. As part of this learning, the children have also learnt about all different ways to keep their bodies healthy, planted seeds, explored the parts of a plant and we even had a visitor come into school with lots of animals and minibeasts including snakes, lizards and even tarantulas! The children were very brave.

To end the half term, we had a fantastic first trip out of school to Trentham Gardens. The children were so excited and loved traveling on the coach with their friends. The children were super sensible and followed our rules to keep themselves safe. During our visit to Trentham Gardens we met the Ranger who helped us to explore the different plants and we even went on a mini beast hunt. In addition to this, the children enjoyed eating their lunch in a huge Tipi and had some fun on the playground and in the sand pit before enjoying an ice-cream at the end of the trip.

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