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School governors are people who want to make a positive contribution to children’s education.

The Governing Body is absolutely key to the effectiveness of a school.

Forest Park Primary Governing Body Responsibilities

The role of all school governors is to ensure that their school provides the best possible education to raise standards and outcomes for all pupils by:

Setting the strategic vision, aims and objectives for the school.

Monitoring and evaluating progress towards priorities and targets.

Ensuring the headteacher performs their responsibilities for the educational performance of the school.

Ensuring accountability to all stakeholders for the school’s performance and the decisions they make.

Ensuring effective use of the school’s financial resources.

Acting with integrity, objectivity and honesty in the best interests of the school.

Our Chair of Governors is Mrs Janine Peterson. The postal contact details for the Chair of Governors is:

Mrs J Peterson
Chair of Governors
C/O Forest Park Primary School
Woodall Street
Stoke on Trent

Forest Park Governing Body Terms of Reference
Governor Name Governor Type Chair or Vice Chair Committee Chair Curriculum & Standards Resources (Finance, Premises & Health & Safety) Connections to staff Yes/No If Yes, who & how? Date appointed Term of office end date Other School Governor posts held? Name of school & Governor type Business Interests declared Yes/No If Yes interests to be noted
Mrs Janine Peterson Co-opted Chair Yes Yes Yes No 01/09/2017 31/08/2021 N/A No
Miss Katie Rogers Co-opted Vice Chair No No No No 14/05/2020 13/05/2024 N/A No
Mr Enam Ahmed Parent No No Yes No No 07/03/2017 06/03/2021 N/A No
Mrs Gillian Howell Co-opted No Yes Yes Yes No 17/06/2018 16/06/2022 N/A No
Mrs Hayley Sutton Deputy Headteacher / Staff No No Yes Yes Staff member 21/10/2019 20/10/2023 N/A No
Mrs Jacqueline Jackson Co-opted No No Yes Yes Staff member 02/02/2020 01/02/2024 N/A No
Ms Julia Barton Co-opted No No No No No 14/05/2020 13/05/2024 N/A No
Miss Lynn Harrison Co-opted No No Yes No Staff member 01/09/2017 31/08/2021 N/A No
Miss Sarah Louise Irving Headteacher No No Yes Yes Staff member 20/10/2015 N/A N/A No
Mrs Joyce Ratcliffe Observer No No Yes No Staff member 26/11/2015 25/11/2019 N/A No

Governing Body Attendance Record Academic Year 2019/2020


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