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A paper copy of all the information on this website is available free of charge on request from the school office. Please contact the school office in person or call 01782 234979. To email your information request please send details to

Forest Park Primary School is part of Orchard Community Trust and follows their mandatory polices for the following areas, which can be accessed by clicking the link: Trust Documentation


Anti-Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Policy

Conflicts of Interest Policy

Financial Regulations and Scheme of Financial Delegation

Master Funding Agreement

Reserves Policy

Trust Commercial Card Policy

Data Protection:

Information Commissioners Office (ICO) Model Publication Scheme

Published Guide to Information

Data Protection Policy

Privacy Notice for Governors, Trustees and Other Volunteers

Privacy Notice for Parents and Carers

Privacy Notice for Pupils

Privacy Notice for the Trust Workforce

Other Policies:

Confidential Reporting (Whistleblowing) Procedure

Environmental Policy

Guidance related to Section 89 of the Education and Inspections Act 2006, Behaviour and Discipline in Schools can be located by following this link: https://assets.publishing.serv...

Relationship and Sex Education Policy

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Complaints Policy

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Behaviour Policy

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Late Collection Policy

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Charges and Remissions Policy

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Equality Policy

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School Debt Policy

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Attendance Policy

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Lone Working Policy

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Policy for managing serial and unreasonable complaints

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