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Pottery Week 2024

Every year at Forest Park, we have ‘Pottery Week’. This year however, we put a bit of a twist on it. In order to make something lasting for our School, each year group was tasked with contributing some World War inspired tiles, to contribute to an exciting and upcoming memorial mural. This will hopefully be launched in time for remembrance day in November. Each year group learned about some local potters, including Moorcroft, Wedgwood and Clarice Cliff; then using the new found knowledge of their design, created a tile influenced by different creative elements. The staff at Forest park put their talents to the test in a workshop run before the Christmas holidays, in order to get ready for this school-wide project and Year 6 pupils were chosen to create some beautiful ceramic poppies to add alongside the ones created by our EYFS. Watch this space to see the project progress into something stunning and unique over the next few months!