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Hedgehogs and Kingfishers


Welcome to the Hedgehogs and Kingfishers area

As part of their Silver SPARKLE Award, Year 6 enjoyed decorating (and then eating!) their biscuits.

In history, we have been learning about Ancient Greece. We took to the field to practice our phalanx formation.

We took part in Sports Day where the children competed and supported and encouraged each other to do the best they could in a variety of events. Some Year 6 children also assisted in running the other Sports Days across the school.

Some children have been taking part in ‘Police Cadets’ where they learnt about the role of the police in the community and gained knowledge of the skills and jobs needed to be an officer.

The children have had visitors in from the local high schools and have been attending transition days in order to prepare for their next big adventure at secondary school.

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