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Hedgehogs and Kingfishers


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Friday 8th October

School closure - your child must complete the activities set in the worksheet below. Please email photos of work completed to the class email address on the sheet.


Summer term

This half term, during our science learning Year 6 have been studying evolution and inheritance. As part of this, we have looked at the work of Charles Darwin and read the book On the Origin of species. We used this to research animals and create a non-chronological report comparing two animals from the same species.

During our science learning, we experienced a ‘virtual Chester Zoo’ day. During this day, we took part in a task to conduct an experiment in the style of Darwin; we experimented with different beaks and different food items to see how bird’s beaks have adapted. We also took part in activities to see how animals have adapted to suit their environment. We explored how animals use their different senses. We put our hand in different boxes to guess what we could feel. We also directed a partner that was bind folded through an obstacle course to test our sense of hearing.

Year 6 have also had the exciting opportunity to meet the author Jules Pottle over zoom. Jules Pottle is the author of the book Mollie bird, a book that we have read as part of our science learning. She read us her new story about a spider and answered many of our questions. When asked one piece of advice she said ‘believe in yourself’. Jules Pottle has inspired lots of us to work hard, persevere and even become an author in the future!

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