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Hedgehogs and Kingfishers


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Spring 2 Term

Unconventional Menagerie

During science week, year 6 had the exciting experience of the ‘unconventional menagerie’. Many ‘unconventional’ animals were brought into school for the children to learn about invertebrates and vertebrates and amazing facts about how these animals eat, where they live and how they survive. We met Roxi the arachnid and some children were selected to hold her,’ she felt furry and tickled my hand’ Amna said. We also met a bearded dragon that had spikes but felt soft when we touched him.

Science week

During science week, Year 6 visited the Mitchell Art Theatre to watch a performance by STEM sisters. During this performance, we learnt about famous women in science and their struggles to be recognised for their achievement within the scientific community.

Double page spread

This half term, year 6 have been learning about the circulatory system. To showcase their learning they created a double-page spread to explain the circulatory system. Our writing has been displayed on the ‘star writer’ board in school.

STEM visit - meet the scientist

As part of the STEM sisters visit, we had the opportunity to ‘meet a scientist’ to expand our perceptions of a scientist. Year 6 said that a scientist needs: knowledge, patience, resilience, inquisitiveness, creativity and passion.

During this workshop, we looked at three famous female scientist through history and their discoveries. We then had the opportunity to replicate three experiment.

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