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Owls and Robins


Welcome to the Owls and Robins area

At the start of term, children were introduced to a range of stories called Little People, Big Dreams!’ Little People, Big Dreams is a series of children’s books written by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara. Through sharing some of the books from the series, the children were able to explore the lives of notable people, from designers and artists to scientists and activists. Following on from the stories, the children enjoyed thinking about what they would like to be when they grow up and then shared their aspirations with a friend. Finally, the children chose their own Little People, Big Dreams book cover and drew a picture of themselves in their chosen aspiration. These are on display outside of our classrooms for our visitors to enjoy!

This half term in Design and Technology, Year 2 have enjoyed tasting a wide variety of vegetables in preparation to help with the design process and the making of their vegetable salads next half term.

Finally, to launch National Inclusion Week 2023, we took part in a whole school assembly. We learnt that inclusion means celebrating that everyone is different and unique. This includes people with disabilities that you can and cannot see. In class, we discussed how we could ensure that everyone was included at school and we thought of some of the following: 

  • Not changing how you treat someone because of their disability
  • Ensuring everyone is encouraged to join in
  • Celebrating everyone's uniqueness and differences
  • Ensuring that our class is a place where everyone can succeed and feels respected

To conclude our learning, Year 2 thought about our own unique qualities and what makes us different. We were presented with a strip of paper to draw/label our uniqueness, which we then joined to create a class paper chain. The paper chains are on display in our classrooms and represent how our classes work together to support and encourage one another. 

Year 2 End of Year Expectations

This leaflet shows the overview of what your child is expected to learn by the end of their current year group. These are the minimum requirements to ensure continued progress through the following years.


Year 2 Curriculum Overview 2023-24


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