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As a school, we have been observing National Inclusion Week. We have looked at what inclusion means to us, and we talked about how it means that no one gets left out. We discussed that we are all different and unique, but that it is important that we all have the same opportunities to succeed. Sometimes this means that some of us might need more support, or that our work might look a little bit different to everyone else's.

We thought about inclusion as being like a jigsaw. Aniya said that we were all different pieces of a puzzle and Marva added that when we are all together we make a beautiful picture. We thought the different colours of the jigsaw pieces could represent our differences in nationality, religion or race. Ayan thought the puzzle could represent a problem, and completing the puzzle was like problem-solving, and putting us all together represented us being better together than on our own.

We designed artwork to show what inclusion meant to us.

Year 4 End of Year Expectations

This leaflet shows the overview of what your child is expected to learn by the end of their current year group. These are the minimum requirements to ensure continued progress through the following years.


Year 4 Curriculum Overview 2023-24


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