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Year 1 enjoyed making their own fruit smoothies. They also enjoyed a woodland walk and making a leaf man from autumn leaves. They created their own rafts for Stick man and tested them to see if they would float or sink.

Year 1 End of Year Expectations

This leaflet shows the overview of what your child is expected to learn by the end of their current year group. These are the minimum requirements to ensure continued progress through the following years.


Summer 2


Summer 1 - History of Transport


Year 1 Topic - Spring 2 - Biomes


Year 1 Topic - Spring 1 - The Great Fire of London


Year 1 Topic - Autumn - Plants and Families


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Posted 20/03/18

It is with great pleasure that we can share with you our fantastic report from Ofsted. Written by the HMI inspector Jonathon Keay, the report confirms that Forest Park continues to be a ‘Good’ school. The report states that Forest Park is ‘committed to making a difference to children’s lives’, and is led by ‘an impressive team of forward thinking committed professionals’.During the inspection the children of Forest Park made us so proud, displaying their usual high standards of excellent behaviour and good manners. The inspector said that our ‘pupils were exceptionally courteous, kind and polite’.

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